How to work with a cling foam and a stamp

The Katuan's stamps are sold only separately. Especially the engraving of the stamp and the cling foam in two sizes (A6, A5). This is why we recommend to buy with the stamps the cling foam, which will using stamps make a lot easier. It is possible to work without it as well but you won't create as beautiful imprint as with the foam. In the following article we will show you how to work with the foam and what you can do to create the flawless imprint.

The cling foam has two sides. One is adhesive - this is where the cling foam gets glued. And the other one is clinging - with this characteristic, the cling foam beautifully adheres to the acrylic pad (which you can buy here as well) and it creates a beautiful imprint.

So the first step will be that you glue the engraving of the stamp to the adhesive side of the cling foam.

The cling foam can be cut or sharpened by a cutter around the engraving of a stamp.

You may finish at this point but most probably you will have to sharpen the stamp all around. Since we don't have to save space on the rubber, we put the stamps on the sheet next to each other. As a result, the stamp has a lot of rubber all around. You can read how I create stamps in this article.
In this picture it can be seen that the edges imprint as well, which is not desirable.

The solution is very simple. It is sufficient to sharpen the stamp (with the cling foam) very close to the text. The result is immediately different.

This procedure would definitely cross your mind with the following Christmas stamp. In Katuans you can buy sets of stamps as well and surely enough you won't be using them all at once. You would definitely cut it.

The same way as you cut the stamps you can cut the inside of the frame or wreath. Do not be afraid at all. If you won't be cutting through the pattern or the text of the stamp, you cannot ruin anything. 

If you want to store the stamps in transparent wrapping or you want to see where you imprint, you can directly imprint the motive of the stamp to the cling foam. Before you adhere the stamp to the cling foam, cut the foam into the size of the stamp first.

Afterwards to the clinging (not the adhesive) side, gently imprint the stamp. We recommend to use a high quality and preferably alcohol ink. Let the imprint dry for a few minutes.

Then we adhere the stamp to the other side. Pay attention to whether you don't adhere the stamp (especially the text ones) reversely. It is necessary to pay attention to the orientated picure on the clinging side. And then, for a better imprint, you can cut the inside of the stamps.

It is true that we can cut out the inside of the stamps by ourselves, but if the stamp is not pasted on the back by the cling foam, some of the rounded frames and circles can be deformed and we will never be able to adhere it to the cling as rounded as when they were made. This is why we deliver stamps which are not cut out, so that they preserve their size and so that you wouldn't get - instead of a beautiful circle wreath - something, that will never be rounded again. This is why the inside of the stamps is being cut out after the adhesion of the cling foam, which then holds the stamp beautifully.


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