The Creation of a Stamp

For sure you are all very curious about how do we actually make the stamps. What are all the steps in the production and what has to be done so that the stamp can be sold. Let's have a peak into my little workroom.

It all starts one evening on a computer. This evening though must be calm, not disturbed by anything or anyone but most importantly - there must be the mood and an idea. If there is only one piece of these puzzle missing, it just won't happen. And I just go by it. If it doesn't work out today, it might tomorrow, the day after that or in a week. It doesn't matter. If I want something I want to be proud of, I cannot speed things up. The base is obviously the graphic design. 

After I lay down all the different types of stamps on the A4 sized sheet, I export the graphic and I move to the engraving machine. This engraving machine is basically a really big printer. It has openable window and is connecter to second computer. In a special programme I prepare everything for the engraving and I can send the page to the machine. While the rubber is being engraved, I can go on creating new designs or simply do something else. In total I have over two hours. Well, in basics. If I will have higher requirements for the details, it might be way longer than 2 hours. On the following picture you can see the already engraved rubber. 

As you can notice, the rubber is full of a fine powder which was left after the engraving. I have to get rid of this efficiently and very fast, otherwise it would be everywhere.

Now we got rid of the most of the powder, but unfortunately that's just the beginning. After vacuuming the powder, we have to shower the rubbers. This is the most effective method. I could have done it at the very beginning but then there is mess everywhere. That's why there are so many steps.

After cleaning the rubber, we have to dry it. For this purpose, having one big towel is great. Then it's just a matter of seconds.

And here you can see the rubber before cutting. I don't have to save space on the sheet and put the stamps next to each other in the way that I wouldn't lose a millimeter of possible space where could be another stamp. Instead I simply put the pictures beautifully next to each other. This also makes cutting the stamps way easier.

After cutting out each stamp, I have to clean them one more (and last) time thoroughly and dry them out.

And that's basically all from the process of creating a stamp. I have to get rid of the fine powder all the time and clean them so that you don't receive it stinky (burnt rubber smells a lot and mainly it smells really bad for really long). That's why each stamp has to undergo all these steps mentioned above.

You can also have other articles with your coffee where you can read for example about how I pack the stamps or how to properly work with them.


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