Own illustration

Katuan's offers a creation of a custom-made stamp just for you. Simply check if your stamp meets the necessary requirements and send us a non-binding order. The creation of the stamp takes a maximum of one week and is being made after the payment is sent to the account.

Images meeting the requirements

  • the maximum size of the stamp is A4
  • the design is sent in curves (format EPS, SVG, AI, etc.)
  • The design is sent in a high quality PDF file (only black and white line of the image, no colors or shades). (PDF file will be consulted. Hand-drawn images sent in a PDF file will not be accepted)

Text stamps meeting the requirements

  • I have chosen a text font (please, check your diacritics)
  • I know what size I want the text to be
  • I know if I want to add any element
  • In the best case scenario - I can show you how the text should look like (in word for example)
  • If the text is not very difficult, the customer does not pay for the graphic designer's time

Images not meeting the requirements

Will be automatically adjusted by a graphic designer (converted into vectors). The customer will be informed about this and will decide whether s/he wants to pay the price for the graphic designer or not. If s/he will decide not to have the image adjusted, it is possible to cancel the order. The customer will also be informed about the work progress of the graphic designer and will approve the final illustration (the time of the production may lengthen).

  • any images drawn by hand, whether by a pencil or a pen
  • any colorful or colored-in images
  • everything which does not comply with the exact black line of the stamp (dark grey or dark blue are not accepted)
  • pictures taken by a mobile phone or a camera
  • and other not complying requirements


The complaints about the production of custom-made stamps are individual. If the client provided his/her own vector image, or had the image adjust (or had the text written) by a graphic designer and approved it, the complaint is possible in the same way as if s/he bought the stamp in the e-shop. The images not meeting the requirements and poor-quality images the customer provided and which s/he does not want to have the graphic designer adjust, will not be produced.

Insert files

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