Doll Emma

When I was creating this card, I had a clear vision. It will be a MixedMedia technique, there will be a dolly Emma and flowers. The reality was different. I just got stuck with the background and didn't know what to do with it. That's the main reason why I didn't show you the card on Wednesday, but only today. It's simply not my cup of tea, but at least I hope that giving it a try will be appreciated :)

And so I chose a beige paper with a chevron pattern. I applied a bit of golden structurizing paste and gesso over the mask.

After it dried out, it looked something like this.

I sprayed the background with all possible colors. From white gresso, golden structurizing paste up to dark pink color.

Before it all dried out, I imprinted and colored in the dolly Emma with a kitten. They are Copics.

Then I have taken out a Katuan's cutout "Happy Birthday" (Krásné narozeniny in Czech) and I decided to color it in pink. You can use any color you'd like - aquarelle colors, anilins or same as me - the solid aquarelle colors of the brand Twinkling H2O.

 I have put a tiny bit of water into the small cup and I applied the color on the chipboard.

Before it had time to dry out, I sprinkled the transparent embossing powder over the chipboard and I heat-sealed it.

Then I only glued Emma, the cut-out and a few flowers with leaves. And it's all done.

Have a nice day, Katuan


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