FUSION: Orchid Occasions

Today really was a challenge to make a greeting card to Fussion. The Sketch wasn't my cup of tea at all, I didn't know what to do with it and the color combination... well it was ok on the first look but the second was not so much. I tried a lot of different things - from cards for children, through powders and similar and I ended up with making three Distress strips and it somehow worked. But the way to get there was reallyl long :)

There's probably no need for a long description here. I used aqurelle paper and I applied three kinds of Distress inks.

I splashed it with water, I make the paper stand and waited for the water to run down. Then I dried it out by a heat gun.

I didn't come up with anything else than emboss a big butterfly on it yet again. It was just lying right by my hand on the table.

I colored it in using only one shade of the blue color from the aquarelle colors. On some spaces I added a lot of water and on the others I applied a lot non-diluted color.

Then adding only some embossed text on a vellum paper and that's it. I have the text "Happy Birthday" also ready for you. It will be in a set with similar signs.

And here's the Sketch.

Have a nice Day, Katuans