Fussion - Butterfly Stamps XXL

Today, I really liked the chosen Sketch by Fussion. So, I sticked with it. I placed light sheet on the one half and the Katuan's XXL butterfly on the other.

From the paper collection I chose brown, blue and beige. I don't know why this color combination holds on to me si much, but I just like these colors. I cut the papers into squares from the biggest to the smallest ones. And I also ripped the smallest (beige) one so that it became a triangle.

On the rest which is not covered by the ripped paper, I embossed a butterfly. It's the embossing by Distress inks. Because of that they dry out slowly and after the imprint, it's possible to dust it with a transparent powder and heat-seal. I used the blue-grey ink. I embossed the whole blue sheet, then covered only half of the butterfly by a beige paper.

And because the embossed butterfly was supposed to serve only as a base, I made two more. I embossed on the Vellum paper. One butterfly is white (to color in) and the other black - because of the body, which I will then use.

I turned the butterfly over and on the other side (not the embossed one), I drawn it in by Copic markers. It's not possible to draw on Vellum with pencils or water-based markers. Vellum is warping and it doesn't absorb. It has to be something alcohol-based - alcohol-based markers or Distress colors.

When you turn the butterfly back over, you can see that the colors are much less shiny. For this reason I recommend using darker shades.

 I then cut out the wing and glued it on the prepared base to the triangle. From the black butterfly I cut out the body with little antennae and glued it on the top.

 It's enougn to then glue the text label, which is on the same brown paper as it's already used for the card. Glue on the leaves, flowers and beads. Feel free to use your imagination here. While doing this, I  was still checking whether the butterfly's body hadn't disappeared a bit too much. 

And then glue all of this onto the base of the greeting card.

Here is the model my greeting card was based on. I was thinking for a while about trying owls instead of a butterfly, but I haven't found any which I would really like at that time.

Have a great day, Katuan