Katuan's Stamp - Duck

I fell behind schedule. I was supposed to have this greeting card ready probably a month ago, but things kept coming up and I kept forgetting (second version was more frequent). And so I pushed myself to create it. I don't even know why it took me so long to start with it, since I've had the idea in my head for quite a while and at the end I enjoyed the whole process and the final product as well. 
I knew that I will use this duckling. I have this greeting card for someone whom I admire and she likes ducks, so it was an easy choice.

I stamped the duckling on a white paper and did nothing else with it. I decorated its surroundings.

I prepared four Distress color inks. Two blue and two brown. I don't know why I decided for this combination, but I really like it.

And I stippled the edges. On the bottom, under the duckling I applied blue and on the top the brown.

As I was all done with this, I pasted the back of the picture with a brown sheet and with a paper distresser textured the edges. Who doesn't have any distresser, can with no problems use simply a pair of scissors (as I did). 

Next on the list was the background. The same blue colors I spread on a glass plate and splashed slightly by some water. You can also different kinds of sprays with glitter (like me in the following step) or color sprays, instead of water.

And then we imprint the paper in the color. We can do so only once, but also more times. It all depends on your imagination. Between the next imprint we can dry the color out by a heat gun and then dip the paper in the color again.

Once I was satisfied with the result, I cleaned after myself and dried the paper out by the heat gun.

Since I haven't used water, but the color sprays for activating the Distress inks, some of areas of the paper were quite a lot sticky. I solved it by pouring transparent embossing powder and heat-sealed it.

Then I only cut the papers to the required size and I glued it on the same brown sheet as I did with the duckling at the beginning. I then textured the edges with scissors again.

Finally just a simple string, glue the duckling to the base of the greeting card using the 3D squares and it doesn't need any more decorating.

Hope you like it :)