Katuan's Stamp - Easter Stamp

Easter is coming slowly but surely. Even though we don't celebrate Easter much, I always send at least a small greeting card to my friends. After all, the fact that we don't celebrate it, doesn't mean nobody does. And for the others or those like me, who simply want to give a little bit of happiness to a friend, I have instructions with a few Katuan's Easter stamps, which I will stock up over the weekend again.

I used more new Katuan's stamps for the greeting card, you can look forward to them very soon. Today I will present you little sheeps and a bunny rabbit.

I wanted to try out one interesting technique with a background stamp. I prepared aquarelle paper and four shades of Distress inks. You can try aquarelle pencils or colors as well, but at least it must be something which reacts with the water. I glued the paper to a wooden desk, so that it is easier to work with.

I dipped it all in water and began to blur the colors. You don't have to be afraid of using darker colors as well in this technique. Quite the opposite actually, they are better than other lighter shades.

As I was satisfied with the result, I left the paper to dry. Alternatively, you can help yourself out by using a heat gun. I still haven't unglued the paper from the desk.

When I was sure that the paper is really dry (it has to be, otherwise the embossing powder will stick to everything), I stampped on it the Katuan's background stamp, dusted with a clear embossing powder and heat-sealed. The impressed motive only got see-through. I'm still leaving the paper glued to the pad.

And now, the real fun begins. I took clear water again and spread it all over the paper, left it to react and afterwards I wiped it off using a wipe. I achieved the effect of that the heat-sealed motive from the embossing powder was left exactly the way it was before. And on the places where there was nothing, the color reacted with the water and it washed out sligthtly.

Here you can see the comparison. After wiping off the water. The stamp motive has risen beautifully.

And I continued this way all over the paper. Afterwards I dried it out and finally unglued from the desk. A little side note - I used aquarelle paper Canson, 300g/m2. I think of it as one of the highest quality papers out there but I still soaked it through at the end. So just be careful with the water using this technique.

You can use your design paper any way you'd like. You can use it all as a background, you can cut something out of it, or paint something over it. I cut out small flags out of it and used it for Easter greeting cards.

 Do you make any Easter greeting cards as well, or is Easter simply passing you by?

Katuan :)