Katuan's Stamp - Tulip Stamp

Today I have one rather interesting article for you. I needed a greeting card for my aunt with tulips and since I don't have and do not know who sells any tulip stamps, there was nothing else left for me to do than to create some. And whilst we are at it, I wanted some beautiful, universal and folding. In this article I will show you how to work with such stamps and I also bring you suprise - a new piece will be put in stock during the weekend. Yes, it will be folding tulips :)

As you can see, the tulips can be put together. You can rearrange them however you'd like. There are two kinds of flowers, three stems and four leaves at your disposal.

Since I knew that I will cut the stamps out afterwards, I stamped them onto an aquarelle sheet and did not care about all the imprints on the outside. Because I wanted to fill the tulips in by aquarelle pencils, I chose to use a special aquarelle paper and a waterproof ink. 

I have colored in all of the parts. I took into account that I will cut the tulips out exactly by the line of the stamp and so I could overrun.

And after that I cut the tulips out, part after part.

As I had cut everything out, I started to put it all together slowly. I glued the stem and the flower bed together and I prepared it for the base of the greeting card.

Gradually, I started to glue the tulips to the base. First the middle tulip with the leaf.

And gradually, the side tulips as well. If you have any vase or a glass, you can put the tulips into it. I didn't have any stamp like that at home, so I had to be happy with a bow.

Have a nice day, Katuan