Terms and Conditions



  1. General terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as GTC) adjust, in accordance with the civil code, the conditions under which the ordered goods will be delivered to the purchaser and other rights and obligations of the contracting parties.
  1. The relations between the contracting parties untreated by the contract or the GTC, are governed by the Act No. 89/2012 Coll. in effect as amended (the Civil Code).





  1. The goods are supplied to the seller based on the orders submitted through the e-commerce www.katuans.com. This order is considered to be a draft contract of purchase.
  1. The contract of purchase is established in the moment of takeover of the delivery of the ordered goods by the purchaser.
  1. By placing an order the purchaser affirms that he is familiar with the respective GTC and the complaint procedure, and agrees with these without reservation and undertakes to abide by them.
  1. The order will be accepted within 24 hours. The order confirmation will be sent by email. The purchaser will be informed by email also about the dispatch of the goods. Order confirmation can also be made by telephone.
  1. The purchaser can cancel his order, and can do so up to the point when the order is confirmed. The cancellation of the order can be sent exclusively by e-mail, to the address obchod@katuans.com.
  1. The proprietary right to the goods passes to the purchaser by the takeover of the delivery and by the payment of the purchase price. The purchaser is obliged to take over the ordered goods, reimburse the purchase price and the shipping cost unless agreed otherwise.
  1. The purchaser is obliged to pay for the shipping cost according to the rates of the current price lists of the particular external carriers. Carrier selection is carried out in the order by the purchaser.
  1. Place of delivery of the goods is specified in the order by the purchaser. The seller delivers the goods to the address indicated in the order by an external carrier.
  1. Delivery time is stated for each item. If it would not be possible to deliver the ordered goods, the seller shall immediately inform the purchaser about this. The seller is entitled to cancel the order if the goods are no longer being produced or supplied or the supplier’s item price has changed by more than 10%.
  1. The purchaser has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days from the takeover of the goods. If the purchaser withdraws from the contract, the purchase price will be returned under the following conditions:
    1.  the purchaser will agree with the seller on the place and the time of the return of the goods via email.
    2.  the returned goods must be packed in the original packaging, must not bear any signs of use, must not be damaged, it must be complete, including the accessories, must be sent with a copy of proof of purchase,
    3.  cost of transportation of the returned goods to the seller are be borne by the purchaser.


If these stated conditions are met, the purchase price will be refunded by the seller to the purchaser within 10 working days from the moment of the physical takeover of the goods. And it will be done so to the account of the purchaser, which will be stated in the withdrawal from the contract.   

The seller is responsible for delivery of the goods without defects. In case defective goods are delivered, the purchaser has the right to withdraw from the contract. He is also authorized to have the seller remove the defects, or alternatively, to repair the particular defective thing.




  1. In the offering catalog are the purchase prices listed without VAT, as well as with VAT (value added tax).
  1. The seller is entitled to change the prices of the offered goods, with regard to the movement of prices on the market. However, the seller is obliged to deliver the goods to the purchaser for the price which is declared in his catalog at the moment of the acceptance of the order by the purchaser.
  1. Offering catalog is available online at the online e-shop of the seller.
  1. The purchase price may be paid only:
    1. by cash on delivery,
    2. in advance, based on the pro forma invoice.





  1. The seller provides a warranty on the quality of the goods in the duration of 2 years from the date of sale.
  1. The complaint must be submitted by email to the address: obchod@katuans.com.
  1. The complaint must contain the name and the surname of the purchaser, the address of the purchaser, the email address of the purchaser, the order number, detailed description of the defect. The complaint must also include the proof of payment of the purchase price and the delivery of the goods.
  1. Substitution of goods or the difference in the quantity of the delivered goods, must be claimed by the purchaser within 3 working days from the date of the physical takeover of the shipment at the latest. After the expiration of this period, the seller is no longer responsible for the concerned defects.
  1. In case the goods transferred by an external carrier have an obvious defect, the purchaser is obliged not to take over the delivery. He is, however, obliged to inform the seller about the rejection of the takeover by email, including the indication of the reason why he did reject the takeover and a precise description of the obvious defects of the goods.
  1. The warranty does not apply to the natural wear of the goods during the common use, the damage caused by effects of chemicals and to damage caused by improper storage of the purchaser, the warranty does not apply also to the damage caused by improper use.





  1. By agreeing with these GTC the purchaser assures the seller that he does not have limited legal capacity.
  1. The purchaser is responsible for any damage which would have arisen as a result of untruthfulness or inaccuracy of the data given by the purchaser to the seller.
  1. By the handover of the order, the purchaser accepts without reservation the price of goods, the conditions of delivery, all the provision of the contract of purchase and the GTC.
  1. The seller declares that all personal data of the purchaser is considered strictly confidential and will be treated in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll. in effect as amended. Personal information of the purchaser will be under no circumstance provided to a third party by the seller. The purchaser may request by email to have his data deleted from the database of the seller.