Transport and payment

The goods in stock is really in stock. On rare occasions it may happen that the items are sold out and not available.  We are trying our best to prevent these situations. In case such situation really occurs, you will be contacted by phone and we will discuss with you whether you want to send the order without the missing item(s), or you want to wait for it to be restocked (approximately 2 days).

You can choose from several payment methods.
Cash on delivery (C.O.D.)- The goods will be send as a cash on delivery. You will pay it at the Czech Post Office when the package arrives at your home. Unfortunately the C.O.D. is not free of charge. There is a fee that is being charged by the Czech Post.
Advanced account payment - You pay for the goods by sending the accurate amount of money directly to our account. The payments are paired by the amount of money and a variable symbol. The goods will be send after the payment.
Payment by PayPal - Online payment with which we have the money on our account immediately. 
BTC payment - We are working on the option of payment in the virtual currency of BTC.

We dispatch the goods daily. You can see the day of the dispatch directly in the profile in the order section.  We send the goods by the Czech Post as a recorded delivery mail. In case of larger orders as a recorded parcel. 
To Slovakia we send the goods also by the Czech Post and only after the payment in advance.